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VoIP from Betsol

VoIP telephone services typically save you money by reducing the number of telephone lines required and offering many more features and flexibility.

VoIP can provide businesses with lots of features previously only available with expensive and complicated PBX telephone systems.

Using your internet connection it is possible to have many extensions all using a single telephone number, enabling multiple simultaneous inward and outbound calls as well as calls between extensions, which may be in multiple locations.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy - simply call us and we will have you up and running within an hour with a new VoIP telephone number.

Want to use an existing number? Yes, we can help you "port" your number for use on your VoIP system. See here for more details, or contact us via contact form below, or call us now

+44 28 3751 8259 or +44 77 4932 4906


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Phone: +44 28 3751 8259
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